Molly Hayward

Molly Hayward creates brands, experiences, and movements to help women reclaim their natural power.

Entrepreneur — Activist — Wellness Facilitator

The liberation of women starts with the most essential part of us—our bodies—being free to be as they are, in every moment without shame.
— Molly Hayward

About Molly

From The Circle—her signature wellness event focused on deepening relationship to the body, to Cora and Blood and Milk—the venture-backed women’s wellness brands she has founded, to the millions of period products given to girls in need through Cora’s social impact initiative, Molly is building an empire around the idea that we can liberate our minds by connecting to our bodies, and do good in the world by doing well in business.


“Molly is a dynamo…a stripped-down, soul seeking, mega babe.”

Sarah T. Moore M.A., ACC, ELI-MP • Live a Life You Love Coaching Agency



Molly Hayward is, first and foremost, an advocate for the innate power of women. 

She is the visionary Founder and Chief Brand Officer of the acclaimed women’s wellness brand Cora and the Founder and Editor in Chief of the fearless content platform, Blood and Milk.

With deep experience building brands that serve the wellbeing of women, Molly and her team have raised over $35 million in venture capital to establish Cora as a modern, socially conscious women’s personal care company capable of completely transforming an antiquated industry.

By presenting the issues of healthier products and women’s global social justice to the mainstream consumer, Cora has rapidly scaled, and as a result has provided over 8 million pads and health education to girls throughout Kenya, India, and the United States since 2016.

Molly and her brands have been seen in The New York Times, Fast Company, TIME, and other major media outlets, and Molly has garnered awards for her innovative and holistic approach to elevating women globally through for-profit business, including being named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 and InStyle’s Badass 50 Women.

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